Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club – Cakes on a recycling theme


With upcycled art on the walls and shelves made from old wooden boxes it was time for a spot of recycling at Somewhere Else Coffee House and Bakery. For our latest Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club meeting we decided to get inventive with our ingredients and see what different cakes we could make with them.

SCC - Doll

We started off with Helen and her Doll cake. The doll on show was one from Helen’s childhood. Her beautiful dress was made from a chocolate cake Helen had made and then put in the freezer. It was finished with some fresh buttercream filling and fondant icing skirt.

SCC - Gill roll

Gill went for an Eco Roll in the form of her recycling themed Swiss Roll. In order to get the green ‘recycle, reuse, reduce’ symbols on the outside of the cake Gill piped them onto a baking tray.

SCC - Ruth bread

Things didn’t quite to plan for Ruth and her Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding. Instead of relying on her tried and tested recipe she thought she would try a different recipe. In order to get a more orangey taste Cointreau was required but with none in the cupboard an alternative was needed – Blue Curacao!

SCC - Paul carrot

What to do with overripe bananas can always be a problem but Paul and Moria knew they would work well in a Carrot and Banana cake. The frosting was mixed with homemade lemon curd. Paul’s top tip for making lemon curd is to push the eggs through a sieve in order to get a super smooth texture.

SCC - Biscuit

Like your biscuits whole for tea dunking purposes? What do you do with the rest of the broken biscuits? Bernie turned them into a Recycled Chocolate Biscuit Fridge cake. Along with the biscuits and chocolate there was also some cherries, almonds and a splash of Amaretto.

SCC - Karen almond

Our organiser Karen had a clearout of the cupboards for her Christmas leftovers cake. In went mincemeat and polenta to a sponge cake mix. On the top was a decoration of almonds.

SCC - Liz yoghurt

Ever found a lonely carton of yoghurt in the fridge? Liz does quite often so she makes a Yoghurt cake. This yoghurt was blueberry flavoured so to complement it Liz added lemon and some fresh blueberries on top of the cream cheese frosting.

SCC - Anne ginger

One of Anne’s favourite cakes is Sticky Ginger and Sultana cake which she usually bakes in a loaf tin. This time she recycled her recipe and turned it into a bundt cake. It was topped off with icing sugar running down the sides.

SCC - Ness cereal

I rescued the remains of breakfast for my Cereal Crumb and Tea cake. I used the bottom of a packet of bran flakes and the leftover tea from the pot to turn it into a Bara Brith or Brack type fruit tea loaf.

We have our next two meetings planned so make a date in your diary for 21st March and 18th April to come and bake with us!


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