Sheffield Clandestine Cake – Crafty Cakes


For our first meeting of 2015 the Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club combined cake, craft and coffee for a trip to Cafe Creation on Abbeydale Road. Owners Lisa and Jen serve a range of scrummy cakes, scones and savoury delights while organising crafting sessions and bistro nights.


Jen and Lisa joined in with the cake making fun with their own beautifully decorated quilt cake. Hiding underneath was an apricot and chocolate chip loaf cake. The flavours were inspired by the most popular flavour of scone served in the cafe.


Mary had her finger on the button with her iced plum and almond Victoria sponge cake. The plum jam was handmade by Mary along with all the colourful buttons. They were made using a mould from Lakeland.


We didn’t have time for a game of chess but Suzanne did provide us with a suitable cake. Her chequerboard cake was lemon flavoured. It was made by baking two cake mixes and then cutting them with round cutters and fitting them into each other to achieve the pattern.


Bake me a cake and paint me a picture was the theme for Bernie. Her vanilla, coconut and almond sponge was covered with buttercream before being topped with icing. She then created the artist’s palate using fondant icing.


Since it’s January and some people are on a health kick Jayne came up with a crafty way to get your five a day. Her cake had a topping of blueberries and raspberries with more blueberries inside plus some lemon curd. Just don’t mention the cream!


There was a touch of magic about Debs’ cake. Her magic chocolate layer cake is made by mixing together one set of ingredients and putting in a baking tin. While it cooks it separates into a base, a mousse-like middle and then a topping. It was all finished off with a touch of glitter.


It was stitches and buttons with a natural twist for Helen. The colours in her cake and for her buttons were all created by using natural colourings. Helen cut off pieces of sweet laces and then embedded them in the icing to create the stitched effect. The buttons were made by using a bottle top to cut out the correct size and then using a slightly smaller bottle top for the inner ring.


Karen came up with a cake that can be craftily adapted for any occasion! Her chocolate peppermint cake had KitKats around the side of it and a topping of Aero peppermint Bubbles. You can change the flavourings and sweet topping to want you like.


It was time to shake things up with Dani’s strawberry milkshake cake. The ombre pink effect on the outside was mirrored inside as well with four different layers. It was finished off with white chocolate buttons which Dani pierced holes to create buttons.


Myself and the junior baker went for a knitted loom cake. We adapted the recipe for Neapolitan cake in the Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook and made it into stripes so it resembled a scarf. For the loom part we used mini marshmallows and cola flavour laces.

Many thanks to Cafe Creation for hosting us and to Karen for organising it. We’ll be meeting again on the 21st February. Get ready for some recycling!


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