Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club – Christmas Cakeathon World Cakes


Christmas may come but once a year however that gives us an extra excuse to try out some fabulously festive cakes! We went along to the winter wonderland that is group member Christine’s house for an afternoon of eating, drinking and talking all things cake!


We kicked off with Christine’s South American Butterscotch Date Loaf with Caramel Icing. It contained candied dates and was topped with the South American favourite of dulce de leche plus cubes of butterscotch.


It was a trip to Hungary for Ruth’s Dobos Torte. The Dobos Torte was created by Austrian pastry chef Jozef C Dobos for the National General Exhibition of Bupapest in 1885. This cake, made famous by the Great British Bake Off, has a mind-boggling seven layers of batter all covered with chocolate buttercream. It was finished off with pieces of caramel.


Jayne went for a very seasonal Mincemeat and Marmalade Cake. This fruity, tangy delight was given a tipsy touch with the addition of some sherry.


Our organiser Karen went for the festive berry of cranberries in her Lemon and Cranberry Drizzle Cake. This recipe used glucose powder instead of standard sugar to make the cake.


Kate made her version of the Finnish Christmas Cake from the Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook. The original recipe calls for ligonberries but Kate substituted cranberries for them. It includes white chocolate but also some traditional Christmas flavours in the form of cinnamon, orange zest and the almond liqueur of Amaretto.


It was over to the Philippines for Victoria’s Bibingka cake. This is traditionally eaten during the Christmas period and is a gluten free cake. It contains rice flour and coconut milk with a topping of dessicated coconut.


Debs took her inspiration from Kirstie Allsopp for her Norwegian Spiced Ginger Cake. For her version Debs used golden syrup instead of black treacle to go with an assortment of Christmas spices. It was covered with buttercream and sparkling snowflakes.


The junior baker took a trip to Germany with her version of a Black Forest Gateauhoho. The two chocolate sponges were filled and topped with whipped cream and morello cherry conserve. A grating of dark chocolate finished it off.


I went for a Chocolate, Cranberry and Ginger Bundt Cake. It contained dried blueberries, cherries and small chunks of dark chocolate. It was topped with drizzled white chocolate and dried cranberries.

We’ll be meeting again in the New Year with some Crafty Cakes on 24th January 2015. Do join us for lots of cakey fun!


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