Sheffield Clandestine Cake – Remembrance Cakes


With our meeting being just a few days after Armistice Day it was only fitting that our latest meeting of the Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club was held at Poppies Bakehouse at Banner Cross. Owner Natalie Hall has recently realised her dream of opening a bakery and cafe in her hometown.


So with thoughts of remembrance and poppies it was not surprising we had plenty of poppy seeds in our cakes. We started off with our organizer Karen and her Lemon and Poppy Seed cake. Karen boils the poppy seeds in milk first and then lets them cool so they are softer in the cake mix. It was filled with lemon curd and topped with lemon buttercream icing.


Bernie went for a lemon and poppy seed wreath. The recipe was adapted from one from the Hummingbird Bakery. The cake was finished with lemon icing and some fondant glittered poppies.


It was hoped that the Great War was the war to end all wars and Liz was looking for future peace with her lemon and poppy seed cake. White icing on top set off the yellow fondant peace sign.


The First World War involved many Commonwealth countries and armies including the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). Whilst serving in Gallipoli the troops were sent biscuits made of desiccated coconut, oats and golden syrup. These travelled well and became known as ANZAC biscuits. Dani made a cake version of this iconic biscuit and topped it with a honey icing.


I bought a British Legion Recipes for Remembrance cookbook so the Junior baker and I decided to make the two cakes in there. The Junior baker’s cake was a Field of Poppies Chocolate Cake. This was made from drinking chocolate rather than cocoa. We used some homemade blackberry jelly to help keep the green grass fondant in place.


I went for the 11 o’clock Remembrance Day Victoria Sponge Cake. For the filling I used some homemade quince jelly.

Thank you to Natalie and her team at Poppies Bakehouse for hosting us. You can join us for our Christmas Cakeathon World Cakes meeting on 13th December and on 24th January for Crafty Cakes.


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