Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club – Cakes disguised as pies

Logo created by Stylist and Designer Anita Mangan.

As much as we love sweet things as members of the Clandestine Cake Club we can’t bring pies to club meetings so the only way to seek them in was to disguise them as cakes! We met in the lovely Bardley’s Cafe which is situated on the first floor of the Nichols Building. Tea, cakes and vintage bargain shopping all in one place!


We kicked off with our host Karen Perkins and her Lemon meringue pie cake. This was a refreshing and zesty combination of baked meringue, lemon curd, cake and marzipan.


Debs went fruity as well for her pie/cake combination of Banoffee pike (see what she did there?!). Pastry formed the base with a banana and walnut cake inside and the toffee topping.


A favourite sweet pie of mine is mince pies and Christine decided to turn it into cake form. Mincemeat and brandy was used to form a light fruit cake with marzipan used for the lattice pastry.


Christine’s daughter Fleur went for the chocolate with her Mississippi mud pie. A baked biscuit base was topped with a homemade milk chocolate custard. No fewer than 10 eggs was used for this cake!


You think you’ve found the perfect recipe for a cake and then horror of horrors – it says to use ‘cake mix’ in the ingredients! Rosie overcame this problem by baking a Madeira cake before adding frozen forest fruits and lattice pastry and then baking again.


Lucy and Holly came with their cunningly disguised Apple pie. Underneath the caramel coloured sugar paste ‘pastry’ was an apple cake flavoured with spice.


Part of the joy of baking is passing recipes down through the generations and onto family and friends. For her German apple cake Margaret used her cousin’s recipe which was given to her cousin by her German mother-in-law. A shortbread pastry case was filled with slices of apples and dried fruit.


Paul and Moira came with their Pork pie cake. No they didn’t! Paul managed to turn fondant icing into a very realistic looking hot crust pastry. For the ‘pork’ filling there was a strawberry compote sponge cake and a crème patissiere ‘jelly’.


I also went for an Apple pie cake. It had a sponge base which was then covered with slices of Bramley apples and sultanas. This was topped with a cinnamon spiced crumble.


Mississippi mud pie was obviously the cake of choice for our young bakers as my junior cake maker also made one. Hers was made with 400g of dark chocolate and 300ml of single cream but other than that perfectly healthy!


Thanks to Bradley’s Cafe for being such nice hosts. We have several other meetings already planned if you wish to join us. On 12th April we going for Chocolate Therapy featuring Easter bunnies. In May we’re joining up with the Sheffield Food Festival. More details to be announced shortly. Finally, on 28th June we’re celebrating Le Tour de France coming to Sheffield with Oooh la la Le Grand Depart – Cakes on a Cycling Theme.


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    Come and bake , we have meetings on 12th April , 24th May ….. And dates til Xmas 2014 !

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