Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club – My Vintage Valentine

Logo created by Anita Mangan Check out Anita’s other design work.

We had a vintage theme this month but it was off to a new venue for us. Jameson’s Tea Rooms on Abbeydale Road has recently been expanded to include a second venue to complement their antiques shops. The busy Saturday evening traffic was forgotten once we stepped inside and we were transported back to an era of old-fashioned glamour and elegance.

 Jameson's tea rooms

Christine started off our cake fest in a suitably sophisticated manner with her Valentine’s Bubbly Bundt. Based on a recipe by Rachel at Dolly Bakes this contained Champagne for that special romantic touch.


From mother we went to Christine’s daughter Fleur and her Chocolate Love Surprise Cake. Fleur had come up with the idea of baking a heart shaped cake and then including a surprise red velvet heart only to be revealed once the cake had been cut.

 Fleur love heart

Raspberries and pistachios were paired with some beautifully piped buttercream roses on Jess’ cake. Rosewater was also added to for some extra flavouring.


We can wait a lifetime for the love of our life to come along but sometimes you know that who you love most is your cat. Dawn’s cake was a tribute to her beloved feline and once again managed a colour scheme to match her hair. The base of the cake was a Victoria sponge flavoured with citrus, filled with jam and covered with buttercream.


Anne’s cake may have been covered in cream (which contains does calcium) but underneath was a fatless sponge it was topped with fresh fruit, so it must be healthy! This was a cake that Anne’s mum used to make for her dad and was finished off with some Love Hearts.


Our organizer and life coach Karen made a strawberries and cream sponge heart sandwich cake. For extra moistness and flavour an orange syrup was drizzled over it and it was finished off with some fresh fanned strawberries.


In days gone by there was a tradition in Lancashire of young ladies making a special cake for the man they were betrothed to. Debs revived this tradition with her three layer courting cake but did make a point of saying she is married!


Rosie had a cake in mind to bake for the meeting but changed her mind after a recent visit to her granmother’s. Her nana’s recipe for Coconut and Cherry cake provided us with a genuine vintage bake.


One of the oldest cake recipes is for Pound Cake using the same ratio of sugar, butter, flour and eggs to make a cake. Alice covered hers with coconut to give it a fun and fluffy feel.


Love Heart sweets have many messages on them and Liz decided to use the ‘Kiss Me’ one to decorate her cake. She also ground some up and included them in the sponge mix to give it a bit of fizz.


We spotted a photo of a chocolate cake in a cookbook and my junior baker liked the look of and decided to give it a go. The recipe wanted a packet mix so we made a chocolate Madeira cake instead. The top and bottom were covered in red icing and we filled it with some homemade chocolates.


My ‘Honey for my Honey Cake’ was inspired by a recipe I saw in Fiona Cairns’ ‘The Birthday Cake Book’. I made a honey cake in my faithful heart shaped tin and covered it with duck egg blue icing.


So with tea drunk and cloudy lemonade guzzled it was time to share the cakes around and pack up. You can join us in the future as we already have two more meetings lined up. The first is next month with the theme ‘Cakes disguised as pies‘ and then in June with our special Tour de France meeting.


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