Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club – Yorkshire Day

Logo created by Anita Mangan Inspired by her designs for the CCC Cook Book. Linked to her website ‘The Cooper Family’ where you will see more of Anita’s design work.

Since 1975 1st August has been declared Yorkshire Day and with it a celebration of all things great about the county. With the help of some goodies from our sponsor Yorkshire Tea (who else?) we held a special Yorkshire Day Clandestine Cake Club meeting. We made our to Sheffield member Liz’s house, who had generously let us invade her house for the evening. Our cakes were laid out and we were ready to go!

Yorkshire Day cake spread

Our hostess Liz made a Butterscotch sponge cake. Butterscotch is thought to have originated in Doncaster in Victorian times with first mentions of it in 1848. At one stage there was a number of manufacturers in Doncaster competing for business. Liz’s cake had a caramel and cream filling with shards of butterscotch on top.


Our organizer and Life Coach Karen Perkins made a traditional Yorkshire Cream Tea complete with tea loaf, cream , butter and jam. The tea loaf was fatless with the dried fruit soaked in tea.


Some good Yorkshire carrots inspired Betsy to make her carrot cake. Instead of the usual cream cheese frosting Betsy made a honey icing drizzle for the topping.


In Yorkshire there is a tradition of sweet and savoury when it comes to serving cake and Bernie made a fatless Yorkshire Brack and served it with Wensleydale Cheese.


There was more tea and fruit with Vicky’s cake but she used prunes in her tea loaf and added some walnuts. It was topped with some beautifully pipped honey buttercream.


Vicky’s niece, Laurie, joined us for the first time and came with some Earl Grey cupcakes with a marmalade icing.


Professional cake maker and decorator Silvana made a lovely moist cake with a topping made from local Sheffield honey.


The Yorkshire Rhubarb triangle is famous for producing the first crop of the year and Christine used the last of her homegrown rhubarb for a Rhubarb Victoria Sandwich Cake. She adapted it from a recipe on Rhubarb & Rose by adding rhubarb yoghurt to the compote filling.


We were able to welcome a couple of new members – Laura and Rachel. Laura made an Apple , Blueberry and Custard cake with pieces of the custard rippling throughout the cake.


Sheffield is the only city in the UK with a National Park within its boundary so it was off to the Peak District for Rachel’s Bakewell Tart (or is it pudding?!) Cake. It had a raspberry jam filling.


The rich fruit cake made by Jane had some special Yorkshire ingredients. In the cake was a pudding liqueur made in Barnsley and it was served with some Coverdale cheese.


Since it was the school holidays my junior baker was able to come along for the evening. As ever she made a chocolate cake. This one was inspired by the symbol of Yorkshire – the white rose. We used a recipe in Fiona Cairns’ The Birthday Cake Book. The sponge had white chocolate in it and the ganache was white chocolate, cream and rose water. In the middle there was Yorkshire Black and Blueberry Jam. It was topped with a handmade white rose.


Sadly my masterpiece was ruined by the extreme heat of the afternoon. As you can see it is a yellow jersey to symbolise ‘Le Grand Départ’ of the Tour de France in Yorkshire next year with the second stage finishing in Sheffield. It did have black icing with ‘Le Tour Yorkshire’ on when I left home but it never made it across the city. The base of the cake was a Yorkshire Tea tea soaked fruit and nut cake.


Many thanks to Liz for letting us use her lovely house as our meeting place. I hope she didn’t have too many cake crumbs to clear up! Also thanks to Yorkshire Tea for keeping us refreshed with tea. As we didn’t have to pay for any drinks we were able to make donations to Sheffield Autistic Society. Our next meeting is very soon on 10th August with our 3 Counties Annual Cakenic – sweet and savoury cakes welcome! Put a date in your diary for the 28th September too. No further details as yet – it’s still a secret!


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