Newark & Sherwood Clandestine Cake Club – Mid-Summers Madness

Logo created by Anita Mangan Inspired by her designs for the CCC Cook Book. Linked to her website ‘The Cooper Family’ where you will see more of Anita’s design work.

It has come to the middle of June and soon the nights will start drawing in again! Thankfully the weather was on our side for once as we gathered for our Summer meeting of the Newark & Sherwood Clandestine Cake Club. Our small but select group made our way to Worksop to Debs’ house and we were treated to an evening of drinks, chat and of course cake in the garden.

We were joined for the first time in this group by mother and daughter Carol and Amy. They had travelled from Newark with their delightfully summery Pimms Cake. Apparently their first cake attempt went a bit wrong and ended up being eaten by a local fox. Lucky foxy I say if their second attempt was anything to go by. Carol and Amy’s sponge cake was flavoured with 6 capfuls of Pimms, fresh strawberries in the middle and a cream cheese and blueberry topping.


Our hostess Debs took the de-constructed pudding that is Eton Mess and put it back together again in the form of a cake. She made it with yoghurt rather than cream but it still had the traditional broken homemade meringue topping.


Christine’s cake not only had a mad ingredient in it but also had a mystery moment of madness after it was made. When cut you could see it had a rich reddy-orange colour which was all down to the tin of condensed tomato soup in it. Bizarrely after it had been cooked and left to cool it had a bit of a cake slide. We tried to work out why this could happen and since the cake was perfectly cooked we were at a bit of loss as to why this would have happened. Answers on a postcard please! (or in the comments section below). While the tomato soup gave colour it tasted more like a carrot cake (I love carrot cake) which was helped by the addition of cinnamon, ground cloves and raisins.


When I thought about Mid-Summers Madness I had visions of Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatters and chessboards. I made two sponges but pipped them in circles into the baking tins so when the cake was cut it looked like a chessboard. This was all covered in some chocolate buttercream.


Thank you to Debs for hosting the meeting and also to Carol, Amy and Christine for bringing their cakes for us to share. Look out for another one of our meetings in the future.


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